The Blechexpo 2017 

07. – 10. November 2017



The Euro-Blech Exhibition 2016 

25. – 29. October 2016

Hannover (Germany)


The Euro-Blech Exhibition 2014 

21. – 25. October 2014

Hannover (Germany)

Booth A02, Hall 15

The Aluminium Exhibition 2014 

07.-.09. October 2014

Düsseldorf (Germany)

Booth A17,  Hall 10

October 2012, Messerfabrik Neuenkamp GmbH Took part with a great success at the Euro-Bleach-2012 in Hannover

We welcomed many visitors from Germany and other countries. Existing contacts were maintained and new contacts were made.

Not only our modern and open booth impressed the visitors also the entertainment show "Magic Moments" with Marc Weide ( were taken with humor and fun of all our visitors.

Certainly we will participate at the next Euro-Blech-2014 in Hannover.


AEO-C certificate for Messerfabrik Neuenkamp GmbH

Because of an amendment to the Customs Law in January 2008, the innovation of the so-called Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) was introduced. Purpose of this innovation is to identify potential risks within a supply chain, in order to ultimately achieve a more efficient monitoring of the global movement of goods. Accordingly, a company is considered which has the status of AEO to be very reliable!


The AEO-C certificate was exposed by the main customs office in Cologne.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information about the topic of AEO.

 85th anniversary of Messerfabrik Neuenkamp GmbH

Messerfabrik Neuenkamp GmbH of Remscheid, Germany, the specialist for ferrous and non ferrous metals slitting tools within the Dienes group is celebrating it´s 85th anniversary in 2005. Originally founded by Werner Schroeder Messerfabrik Neuenkamp has been an important part of the Dienes group since 1976. Under the leadership of it´s managing director Rudolf Witt the company has been transformed into a globally recognized powerhouse for metal slitting technology.


Neuenkamp Customer Service

NEUENKAMP SLITTING SEMINARS will enhance the understanding of slitting
process as well as the utilization of slitting equipment, to ensure maximum uptime.

NEUENKAMP's REGRINDING SERVICE provides factory quality results.
Contact: Siegfried Pickhardt
              +49 2191 93 51-40 or
             Rüdiger Uhlitz
              +49 2191 93 51-20 or

For further information regarding the above listed services as well as other NEUENKAMP services, please contact your local NEUENKAMP representative or one of NEUENKAMP’s in house sales consultant.