With our regrinding service in manufacturer quality you extend the service life of your slitting tools. We use grinding materials and work cycles specially matched to the material so that you obtain cutting edges with the lowest risk of knife chipping and the longest service lifetime. With our in-house regrinding service for rotary slitter knives, shear knives, chopper knives and bonded stripper rings, we guarantee continuous manufacturer quality for your tools:

  • Manufacturer quality: Your resharpened knife has a cutting quality like a new knife.

  • Long service life: Product longevity through the use of grinding materials specially adapted to the material.

  • Cost reduction: We grind off as little material as possible / as much as necessary. Tools that can no longer be grind or can only be regrinded uneconomically are returned to you marked and at no cost.

  • Process reliability: Due to the reliable availability of the knives, you reduce storage and capital costs.

We offer a worldwide regrinding service for any manufacturer with our certified regrinding centers.

We are happy to support you in logistics with our pick-up and delivery service.