For precisely defined compressive force for clamping your tools. They enable the shortest set-up times through quick clamping and loosening. Maximum tension is generated with minimal effort.

Thanks to the improved dimensional accuracy and a significantly reduced risk of accidents. Hydraulic clamping nuts can be used for all common slitting systems.

Our tool maintenance oil complements the product range of Messerfabrik Neuenkamp as an accessory in the tool care and maintenance area. NK-Protect is a special care product that was specifically developed for cleaning and preserving precision slitting tools. It protects against rust and corrosion that can occur anywhere due to humidity or hand perspiration. Regular use of this maintenance oil acts as a protective shield for your valuable tools.

Our storage systems offer more flexibility when storing your tools. Order, security and reduced dirt for your precision slitting tools ensure quality maintenance and increase productivity. The compact tool storage systems offer maximum space for tools, computer workstations and storage for accessories in a small storage area. These are individually tailored to your tool set and space requirements.

Cut surface polishing machines are used for the economical flat polishing of surfaces, e.g. used on rtary slitter knives and circular knives. By selecting suitable polishing papers, mirror-bright surfaces can be achieved quickly and easily.

  • The advantage: Better quality and longer tool life.

Ideal for companies that cut aluminum, brass, copper, galvanized sheet and other soft materials. During the cutting process, material builds up on the cutting edges, which strongly influences the cutting quality of the knives. This cutting edge structure is removed during polishing without a measurable change in tolerance on the flat surfaces.

Specially selected polishing paper for your application guarantees optimal operating conditions on our polishing machine.

  • Important: High degree of strength and even granulation for optimal polishing results.