Our engineers will advise you comprehensively on special cutting requirements:

  • in the complete design of tool sets for slitting systems
  • in the event of changes or additions to existing cutting sets
  • in handling and maintaining the tools

Database function for your know-how.

  • Automation
  • Individual choice of printout
  • Evidence of process tracking and quality assurance
  • Statistical evaluation

Our CamB5 assembly software is a specially developed computer program for simple and precise calculation and setup of the slitter tooling and separator tooling arbors of slitting systems. The program can run on all common Windows versions from WINDOWS XP TM or higher.

CamB5 creates an assembly plan in the form of a tabular printout or in a scale, graphic representation. The data of a specific cutting job is entered by the operator, processed by the program, the tools required are calculated and made available in a printout. The entered data can be saved and is available for repeat jobs. As a result, important experience flows into follow-up orders.

A software connection or the integration into existing systems is checked by our specialists on site and a special implementation is programmed for you.

  • Time saving for slitter tooling arbors
  • Avoidance of setting errors
  • Improvement of the quality of your products
  • Simple, practical handling
  • Data output in your national language
  • Repeatability of the precise slitting results

Neuenkamp offers the computer-aided service for calculating an optimal tool set for your individual cutting tasks. The program determines the number of pieces and thickness dimensions as well as the total price of the tools required. The basis for precise calculation of your tool set is:

  • Entering of the construction method
  • Entering of machine and tool dependent parameters
  • Entering of the required product dimensions

The tools calculated from this result the tool requirement with 100% certainty on all occurring strip widths. On the mathematical basis of this tool determination, high cost savings are achieved compared to the previously practiced method.

The calculated tools are dimensionally determined so that plastic shims are no longer required. By entering various operating data, we calculate tool requirements for all occurring slitting tasks. An additional, enormous cost advantage shows. We use statistical analysis of your historical data to calculate the tools that are actually needed.