Hückeswagen. The new facility for the company from Remscheid will be located in the industrial area in Winterhagen-Scheideweg from October 2018. The modern building is being built at Bockhackerstraße 14 - total costs: approx. Five million euros.

The town welcomes a new company in October 2018: Yesterday, the groundbreaking ceremony was held for a modern factory of Messerfabrik Neuenkamp on Bockhackerstrasse in the Winterhagen-Scheideweg industrial estate. The company is currently producing on Neuenkamper Strasse in Remscheid. There are signs of goodbye.

"We are completely relocating because we want to reposition ourselves on this green field and build a modern production facility," said Reiner Dörmbach, technical director and authorized officer at Neuenkamp. The old location was exhausted, surrounded by a residential area with few parking spaces. "And since the city of Remscheid was unable to offer us any space, I came across Hückeswagen in my search," Dörmbach reported. Here the company was helped very quickly and unbureaucratically. "This is not an easy step for us, after all it is a million dollar project," said the authorized officer, who put the total costs for the move and new building at four to five million euros.

With its 50 employees, the company moves into a modern nine-meter-high building with a gross area of approx. 4000 square meters. According to the architect Alexandra Flosbach towards the Bockhackerstraße, meeting and social rooms as well as rooms for technology are accommodated in the rectangular building. Two hall aisles (60 by 40 meters) will be built in the building. "Since the administrative wing will be two storeys high, we have 3,000 square meters of usable space," she said. The development plan provides for a five meter wide planting strip to be created on the street, and the facade should also be creatively structured. For this purpose trellises are attached, "which do not make the building appear so massive," said Flosbach.

The building will also be state-of-the-art in terms of energy, because a large amount of waste heat is generated in the hall due to the production processes. This should then be used for heating in winter. Heat pumps are installed, as well as a large photovoltaic system on the roof to use the solar energy. The fully glazed entrance area will look very representative. The architect is expecting a construction period of eight months, so the move should be completed in June 2018. "When it comes to construction, we are relatively independent of the weather because we work with precast reinforced concrete."

The managing partner of the Dienes Group, Bernd Supe-Dienes, extends his thanks to the town and district: Everything has been done very actively and helpfully. He criticized German construction law, which expects investors to plan too many things that one simply cannot plan in advance. "A lot is so unpredictable," he said.

The move will take place gradually from the end of October. "Then the first machines move. We want the production not to stop so that we can manufacture at two locations for three months," said Dörmbach. The company exports 70 to 75 percent of its goods all over the world. "With the move and the new building, we are sending an important message and signaling to our customers that we are investing in the future," said the authorized officer.

District Head of Department Uwe Stranz is also pleased. "We need space for such companies because space is limited," he said. That is why Hückeswagen's treasurer Isabel Bever was extremely pleased: "Such a relocation secures jobs," she said.

Source: RP – February 2018: https://rp-online.de/nrw/staedte/hueckeswagen/spatenstich-fuer-messerfabrik-neuenkamp_aid-17985611