In view of the increasing shortage of skilled workers, it has also been a concern of ours to train for our company again and to integrate young people into our team.

Since September 2018 Pauline Beck started an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and this summer she started her last year of training. She passes through all departments of our company and is currently in the marketing department, where she feels particularly comfortable.

In August 2019, Jan-Philipp Sovinc and Fabian Hoffmann started an apprenticeship as cutting machine operators specializing in grinding technology.

They successfully completed their first year at the BZI (Berufsbildungszentrum der Remscheider Metall- und Elektroindustrie), which works together with the companies and provides the basic technical knowledge.

In August of this year the two of them were able to start the practical part of their apprenticeship.