• Straight knives and cut-to-length tools by Neuenkamp offer a wide range of solutions, which are mainly used in the non-ferrous metal industry. Our standard range includes a wide range of shear knives, strip chopper knives, scrap chopper knives or customer-specific versions with a length of up to 6,000 mm.
  • Our products are made from high-alloy tool steel, powder metallurgical steel, or special materials and guarantee an optimal cutting process. Whether for the finest applications in the thin strip area or for the heaviest loads up to a material thickness of 20.0 mm and a wide range of material strengths, our tools are individually tailored to the respective material to be cut.
  • Thanks to our years of experience and professional advice, our customers achieve a trouble-free and continuous production process with our cut-to-length tools.

Straight knives / shear blades:

  • Ground version with precision tolerances suitable for every machine.
  • Individual choice of materials for every application.