• Made of hardened, wear-resistant tool steel, side surfaces ground or lapped, outer diameter ground or polished.

Special execution

  • Coated steel stripper rings.
  • Version with polyurethane coating. Applicable for surface-sensitive material to be cut.

The steel stripper ring sysstem

  • One method of holding down or ejecting metal strips is the steel stripper ring system.
  • This system is often used for very narrow strip widths, since rubberized stripper rings in thicknesses <2.5 mm no longer have the necessary stability to eject the strip exactly from the cut.
  • The steel stripper rings rotate around a different center than the knives and spacer rings and are guided by additional pressure shafts. This system allows easy adjustment to the material thickness to be cut by adjusting the pressure waves.
  • The design of the steel stripper rings must therefore be tailored precisely to the application or the machine conditions.
  • Neuenkamp is happy to help you with the right choice.