Bonded (rubberized) stripper rings

  • bonded stripper rings have a hardened steel core, which is made of alloyed tool steel.
  • This is coated with Perbunan or polyurethane in different colors and Shore hardness. Rubberized stripper rings are tailored to your area of application, thus enabling high cutting speeds and also acting as transport rings for the belt.
  • A Perbunan coating is usually used for rust-free qualities, a polyurethane coating for non-ferrous metals and surface-sensitive material to be cut.


  • Standard tolerances of +/– 0.001 mm
  • Ultra-precision tolerances of +/– 0.0005 mm

Loose rubber bands

  • Made of oil- and abrasion-resistant quality and in application-related shore hardness.
  • Available as single durometer or dual durometer.